Recollections Of Spectre

I’ve seen all of the Daniel Craig James Bond films in cinemas. With Spectre, though, I hadn’t had a chance. Last night, we finally got to a showing before it finished its run.


If you haven’t seen it and are interested in what happens, the first thing I feel I must point out is that it went by so quickly I’m not sure I recall some of it. If you have seen it, you may double-check my recollection below – if *you* remember it any better than I do. 😉


1) Bond in Mexico City with gorgeous woman. Before enjoying her company he leaves woman in hotel room on bed and departs to defeat bad guys. (Duty calls.)

2) Bond in London, discussing defeat of bad guys with annoyed boss and ordered not to involve himself further.

3) Bond in Rome involving himself further. Defeats more bad guys. Meets gorgeous widow of important bad guy. Enjoys her company and leaves.

4) Bond in Austria. Meets main gorgeous woman. Defeats still more bad guys and saves life of Main woman.

5) Bond in Morocco with Main woman, whom he discovers is a crack shot. Defeats really BIG bad guy (who interrupts their romantic drinks) with last-minute help from crack shot Main woman. Celebrates afterward with Main woman. Both head to Chief bad guy’s lair to confront Chief. Chief tortures Bond. Main woman saves Bond’s life at last moment. Chief killed as both escape and destroy lair.

6) Bond in London with Main woman. Chief’s global domination scheme about to kick off. Main woman says goodbye to Bond and walks off. Bond, his boss, and other co-workers determine to foil Chief’s evil scheme. Unbeknownst to them, Chief had (of course!) survived destruction of Morocco lair and is in London to oversee evil scheme. Chief kidnaps Main woman. Chief separately tries to kidnap Bond. Bond escapes, confronts Chief, saves Main woman’s life again, foils global domination scheme (with co-worker hacking help), and captures Chief.

7) Still in London, as famous James Bond Theme plays in background Bond drives off triumphantly with Main woman smiling alongside.

It was great! I can’t wait to see it again! 🙂

Hope you’re having a good Saturday.


UPDATE: On a more serious note, I feel strongly about this as an author: We must bear in mind that James Bond doesn’t belong to “all of us” (yet).

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