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U.S. Expat Murdered In Italy

January 12, 2016
R. J. Nello

[UPDATED: January 18: see below.]
[UPDATED: January 13: see below.]

Struggling to outline the next novel and how I am going to attack the tale and its scope, I spent most of this morning and early afternoon reading and tapping tapping tapping preliminary notes – all while trying to take myself back to the 1790s.

Then, at some point, I made the mistake of checking the Voice of America web site. When will I ever learn?

On January 9, a 35 year old American woman was found dead in her Florence, Italy apartment:

Screen capture of the Voice Of America.

Screen capture of the Voice Of America.

Italian authorities are treating her death as a homicide. Based on the reported circumstances, it will be a shock if there isn’t a U.S. media avalanche and eventual wall-to-wall coverage. Brace yourself.

UPDATE: January 13:

The debunking site Snopes.com tells us some social media users have gotten their wires badly crossed:

Screen capture of Snopes, January 13, 2016.

Screen capture of Snopes, January 13, 2016.

Another pitfall of social media – seeing something quickly, not reading it through and firing off a tweet.

UPDATE: January 18: CBS and the Associated Press report there has been an arrest: a Senegalese man whom authorities say she first met at a nightclub hours before her murder.

Likely much more will follow….

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