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Because The Mourning Can’t Start Without Her

January 7, 2016
R. J. Nello

We’ve had a great deal of sympathy since my mother’s October 26 death (and my novelist uncle’s two weeks before – who I especially miss as a friend and a mentor). It has all been much appreciated. But there’s always others out there lurking, aren’t there?

You may unfortunately know the type yourself too: relations who are easily insulted, who are always stirring the pot, and are also always demanding – like overgrown children – to be the center of everyone’s attention, and if not given their way seek to create still more trouble, and often do their “stuff” in a deviously and underhanded manner so as never to get the entire family offsides. Divide and (try to) conquer, so to speak. (Please excuse the coarse language that appears in the following.)

Excerpt from "Distances," on the iPad app for Kindle. Click to expand.

Excerpt from “Distances,” on the iPad app for Kindle. Click to expand.

That bit from Distances I wrote months ago was shockingly prescient. My loss(es) had briefly brought out one much like her in our own lives – the last person I want “sympathy” from at a time like this. We pushed her off, which is naturally easier to do from a continent away. After we go home to the U.K. this weekend avoiding her will still be possible, but it will also not be entirely family “comfortable.”

I’m blessed with plenty of wonderful relatives and good friends. As a writer now, I have made a mass of pleasant acquaintances as a result of my novels and due to this site. All of you have helped so much in getting through the last few weeks.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of an exit sign.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of an exit sign.

However, there are those aggravating, nasty, and often horrible individuals we all know who are forever a millstone around our neck. No matter what we do, what we say, what we try, we can’t fully seem to escape from them. But if you write novels, you can at least fictionalize them as a means of trying to laugh at them to find some life relief. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have individuals like those in your own life too, weighing down your soul, all I can say here is I commiserate fully. I know exactly how you feel. All I can also say is the same thing I keep telling myself: life’s too short, stand your ground, and don’t let them get you down.

Sunrise today over the Catskills. [Photo by me, 2016.]

Sunrise today over the Catskills. [Photo by me, 2016.]

Thank you once more for letting me vent a bit. That’s what blogs are for too! On that note, have a good Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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