I Think It’s All Correct Now

Authoring and social media – inseparable these days. Getting them right is really important. My main social media links on the final page of Distances – published only a month ago – have always been correct:

Screen capture of last page of "Distances," on Kindle for iPad.
Screen capture of last page of “Distances,” on Kindle for iPad.

But I had changed my Twitter “handle” to my name – “rjnello” – a few months ago. I’d known since then that my Twitter links on the similar pages of Passports and Frontiers were therefore wrong. I’ve now updated those books’ links to “rjnello,” so all three books’ social media in both print and Kindle are now 100 percent correct at last.

This blog is my main social media focus. After that comes Twitter. I do Facebook now, too – but I need to figure out how use that as distinctive from this blog. I also have the lesser-known About.me, and I like that one.

Screen capture of About.me.
Screen capture of About.me.

Besides Facebook, or a blog of your own, looking around I see Instagram seems tops with most of you. I see some of you even have Google +. A few of you brave souls I notice do Tumblr – which I’d looked at but, frankly, I didn’t see the point to it given I have this blog – and I didn’t really understand how it worked…. and it even kinda scared me too. 😉

Just remembered this. Here’s a joke I saw on Twitter the other day: “Instagram is Twitter for people who go outside.”

Yeh, yeh, everyone’s a comedian. I do Twitter and I don’t have Instagram. And I do go outside!

Although if I do go out today, it’s gonna be cold. There was a dusting of snow last night here in the Catskills. Hunter and Windham ski resorts – which we can see from the house – are making snow like mad. It looks like the warm weather snap is finished.

Have a good Monday. And Happy Boxing Day (bank holiday) – in the U.K. 🙂