“Keep the Faith and Believe In”

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Having been mostly in a generally downer (and I admit, sometimes foul) mood due perhaps unsurprisingly to my uncle and then my mother dying two weeks apart in October, Patrina Morris has been a great musical discovery. It’s tough to stay miserable with music like this coming out of your iPhone. How about some Sunday bossa nova:

What we can stumble on thanks to social media. Her site is PatrinaMorris.com. She is also on About.me, as well as Twitter and elsewhere. Keep the Faith and Believe In and other songs are available on Amazon and iTunes.

Given this is relatively off topic compared to what I normally post, why have I told you that?

A major reason is because when I tweeted her a few days ago simply to let her know I enjoyed her music, she came right back to me. I also know many of you aren’t on Twitter, and even if you are you probably missed that solitary tweet. I felt she deserved a bigger mention on here.

Hope you’ve been having a good weekend, wherever you are. πŸ™‚

Further thoughts?

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