Deserved Immortality

Novels are written. However, nowadays every author’s social media also requires a regular freshening up. That latter may be of outsized importance for me here because with no new book underway right now, I have to devise other ways somehow to keep your attention for the time being. 😉

You may have seen it. I’ve got a new link at the top. That “My Novels (So Far)” page seemed like a good idea: consolidating the three books (so far) together for easy “clickable” reference in a single place:

Screen Capture of "My Novels (So Far)" page.
Screen Capture of “My Novels (So Far)” page.

You know, it’s somewhat deflating to reflect on how those so casually listed above were the result of several years of work – occasionally having even brought on tears in the process. For displayed like that on a web page, books can seem “flat” and not just in the obvious literal sense of that word. The three dimensionality that was the basis for them naturally isn’t much evident.

Uploading those covers I found myself thinking again about characters sourced from living people who passed away while those novels were still incomplete. Others similarly fictionalized left us long before they were “returned to life” on those pages. Novels can be, in their way, a bit of deserved immortality for those inside.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a blank frame with silhouettes.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a blank frame with silhouettes.

I think you would have liked, or at least been intrigued by, those people. That’s why they’re in the books, of course. Now that they’re gone, as fictional characters they can always drift up to us from those “flat” pages and rejoin us for a while, even if only in our minds.

One of the beauties of literature.

Hope you’re having a decent weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂