Black Friday “Fizzle”

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We were visiting relatives in Connecticut for Thanksgiving Day and I drove us back here to Pennsylvania yesterday. It was at my mother’s cousin’s. She and her family were so good – insisting on cooking for us and trying to support my father on the holiday after my mother’s recent death.

While I was out a little while ago, I heard an Associated Press report on the car radio that “Black Friday” has apparently begun “to fizzle out.” Most malls had plenty of parking, and “mob scenes” of past years were non-existent.

Free Stock Photo: A beautiful girl enjoying sales signs.
Free Stock Photo: A beautiful girl enjoying sales signs.

That’s not a surprise, really. “Bricks and mortar” retailers had over the years so “diluted” the “Black Friday” concept, greedily trying to one up each other to the point of opening as we know on Thanksgiving Day, thus encroaching on the holiday. And there’s also now online shopping, which is huge. Given there are sales all week before, on Thanksgiving Day, and all weekend after up until Christmas itself, and there’s always online too, all that adds up to there being no point to a “Black Friday” any longer.

When I was in college, I worked in a large department store. Having been at a cash register several “Black Fridays” – and “back then” stores were closed ALL DAY Thanksgiving and didn’t open until around 8 am Friday morning – after I moved on from that job I had vowed I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again set foot in a department store even as a customer on a day after Thanksgiving. But now, as retail lunacy, it seems that day is “fading.”

Times, they are always changin’.

I hope you’re having a good “long” U.S. holiday weekend.

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