Happy Thanksgiving! (Now Let’s Wreck Our Family?)

Based on my novels’ overall background subject matter, on here as you know invariably some nods are given to the realities of politics. But that’s all. This site is NOT about partisan politics, we’re readers and writers here.

So this post is not some shocking change of pace. It’s not about “politics.” However, a few brief paragraphs of background are unfortunately required for this post if you’ll just bear with me for a moment as you read and scroll down.

We’re told the President of the United States is backing a bill to deny legal firearms to suspected terrorists. I haven’t followed the back and forth partisanship (because there always is) on this one. However, according to The Hill…. and White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest:

“Members of Congress are prepared to allow those individuals who are already in the United States and are suspected of having links to terrorism of going and purchasing a firearm,” he told reporters.

“I think that is a pretty clear indication that Republicans in Congress are more interested in playing politics and more scared of the NRA than they are concerned about doing the right thing for our national security,” he said, referring to the National Rifle Association….

“As people are sitting around the Thanksgiving table, as I’m sure they will all across the country, I hope that is a question that will be raised,” Earnest said. “I’m not even sure why that’s even controversial.”

My question for this post, and for all of you, is this: Do families and friends really delve into such divisive matters around a Thanksgiving table?

The White House Press Secretary seems to think we do. Even expects it. I’ve seen references to similar suggestions in media, too.

We’re supposed to talk politics – often of quite a partisan and combustible sort – over that meal?

Free Stock Photo: Indian corn isolated on a white background.
Free Stock Photo: Indian corn isolated on a white background.

Sorry, but isn’t the Thanksgiving gathering supposed to be about us broadly giving thanks? I don’t know about yours, but around the table in my family we talk about OUR LIVES, focus on what WE SHARE and what we PLAN, and try to relax and simply enjoy each other’s company. If we broach “politics,” this sort of thing is about the extent of it:

Excerpt from "Passports," on the iPad app for Kindle. Click to expand.
Excerpt from “Passports,” on the iPad app for Kindle. Click to expand.

Or perhaps my family is just odd? In losing my uncle and my mother two weeks apart, my family has had an incredibly difficult year so far. I’m sure you too have had various challenges in your own.

We’re off to Connecticut relations first thing on Thursday. If you too join in the U.S. Thanksgiving wherever you are in the world, raise a glass (including a non-alcoholic one, if that is your choice, because we are “the Land of the Free”) and give thanks for what we have. After all, we never know who at our table this year might not be there next year.

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