Sing Along With The 5th Dimension

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They were my mother’s favorite group. Totally understandable. After all, what’s not to like about this from 1969?:

About a decade ago, my parents saw the lead singer above, Marilyn McCoo, performing live either with only Billy Davis or also with additional members of the former group. I don’t recall which exactly. But what I do recall is my mother afterwards telling me that a singing Marilyn had come strutting right by them through the audience (in Atlantic City, I think) and saying that even some 40 years after the band’s heyday, Marilyn (about the same age as my mother) was the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen.

More years ago now than I care to remember, I remember as well that they had an 8-track tape – if you’ve not heard of them, here’s the Wikipedia entry πŸ˜‰ – by the group, circa 1970. Whenever Dad played it, I remember as a little kid loving so many of the songs on it.

[Photo by me, 2015.]
[Photo by me, 2015.]

Even though he no longer has that 8-track player, I suspect Dad still has that tape stored away someplace. (I wonder how much it would go for on E-Bay?) My parents did move forward technologically, of course. Yesterday, he lent me my mother’s “Definitive Collection” CD.

Just a pleasant memory. I listened to it driving up from (now only) Dad’s in Pennsylvania on my way back here to the Catskills. Their music is silky smooth, sing-along, and utterly infectious. You can’t really feel sad listening to most of it: it makes you smile.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are. πŸ™‚

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