Those Facebook “Slips”

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Ah, trying to keep a secret when there’s Facebook…. and novelist uncles who forget and post things to your wall that you had made absolutely clear to him you didn’t want all of your family and close friends to know.

“How’s the writing going?”

And you attempt to reply – knowing everyone else can potentially see not only what he wrote, but your response – by trying to comment without being too expansive, noting you’ll send him a private message.

Then it hits him what he had – Oops! – written for everyone to see, and he drops you a note privately. And you respond that it was no big deal – and fortunately, it wasn’t:


I can find a way to explain it if anyone else saw it yesterday and asks what he meant. No one has so far.

We may visit him in the next week or so. We are flying to the U.S. today for two weeks. My Mom – his sister – has not been very well (she developed hypothyroidism back in May), and my Dad (that’s right, my Dad) has actually been looking after her.

Free Stock Photo: The Statue of Liberty monument.
Free Stock Photo: The Statue of Liberty monument.

Hopefully, I’ll see you from upstate New York on Monday.

Gosh, it’s early. Soon it’ll be time to get going. Have a good Sunday. πŸ™‚

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