Welcome To Clooney, Berkshire

Seems I’ve missed this. “Where have you been?” my wife asked. Umm, I’ve been working on my book, that’s where!:

Screen capture of BT.com web site.
Screen capture of BT.com web site.

So the Clooneys have been creating “issues” in the local village.

True, it’s likely many of the locals don’t mind having them as neighbors. It will put the community on the map. Naturally, he brings in money, too.

On the other hand, not everyone wants their community on the map owing to some high-profile celebrity’s sudden interest. It also brings lots of unwanted media attention – especially paparazzi – and communities like that one, in Berkshire (it’s pronounced “Barkshur”), don’t really need his money. They are pretty well off already.

My immediate reaction is this is how the English often feel an American Hollywood star behaves: self-indulgent in the extreme, brash, gaudy. They always seem to do this. They can’t just buy a stunning period house and live quietly and enjoy what it is (and make certain improvements that are indeed probably needed), and not spoil the area for the locals – who will be living there long after “the star” has moved on to pastures new.

Instead, they always “need,” uh, a helicopter pad on the 400 year old house’s roof, anti-paparazzi guardhouses and 20 ft high fencing, perhaps a minefield, etc., and so on.

Because they just luuuuuuuuuv quaint, ye olde England. 😉

Have a good Saturday, wherever you are. 🙂

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