“I was neat, clean, shaved and sober….”

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Check this out. I could have fallen over when I discovered this. I had to share it:



It’s a 1948 British hardcover copy – with a dust jacket! – of Raymond Chandler’s classic The Big Sleep, featuring Philip Marlowe, private eye. (Interesting bit of authoring history: Wiki says Chandler turned to writing detective fiction after losing his job at age 44 in 1932, during the Great Depression. I never knew that.) The 1946 film version had starred Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.



My in-laws had it sitting on a guest room bookshelf, essentially forgotten.

Now this is a first page….


How times change. By that not only do I mean most houses in California now seeming to start at around “four million.” But do we imagine in the future someone finding an old e-reader and feeling the same?

Wow, great, I got that dusty Kindle to power up. It just needed a boost. All the junk in Grandma’s guest room. She obviously forgot she still has this. Let’s see, its most recent book read is, uh, called Fifty Shades of Grey…. and it’s on location…. Eh, geez, whoa, hold on a second, what the hell was she readin’….

Have a good weekend! πŸ™‚

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