On Which Shelf?

Yesterday I received another one of those Amazon marketing emails. Once again Passports was at the top of the list. Obviously, Amazon knows I have looked at that page.

Naturally, more of “the competition” follows:


I screen captured the long page in two sections. It can be intriguing to see where your novels end up “shelved.” Originally I saw them mostly as “general fiction,” but subcategories are inevitable and eventually I found that “romance” had to do as a major one.

Although they obviously contain romance, I’ve never seen the books primarily as “romance novels.” Early on, I especially resisted the idea that’s what they would be. There’s a lot more to them than who’s sleeping with whom.

That said, they are also definitely not “young adult.” No way. The story is (in my opinion) way “too adult” in places – especially between who and whom, so to speak.

They might be considered more “graduate school” perhaps. Or “early adult independence.” Or “They’re pushing 30 when the heck are they all gonna stop traveling and get married?”

All kidding aside, I’ve never had any outright categories in mind and didn’t (and don’t) write to aim to conform to any. They are part travel tales, too? Yes. Expat stories? Those too. Study abroad? Sort of that as well. “Multicultural late twenty-somethings doing all sorts of stuff?” Yes, I suppose some of that also.

The worst thing I gather in the publishing world is a tale that doesn’t neatly “fit” into clear categories. So I’ve given up resisting the “romance” characterization. Now I just accept the reality of that being where the novels seem best to be “shelved.”

Hope you’re having a good Thursday. The weekend is sight. 🙂