Blogs I Follow

I got a bit of a shock the other day in the form of an automatic WordPress email informing me an aunt-in-law here in England had followed this blog by email. She already knew about my site. It’s just I’m surprised that – out of the blue – she has subscribed.

I get many interesting “likers” and “followers.” So you know, I do try to have a look at everyone who stops by, but I can’t “follow” everyone back. I’d be overwhelmed by the reading.

You may have seen that I added the “Blogs I Follow” widget near the bottom the sidebar. If you use WordPress too, you may know it. I’ve chosen to display the maximum number allowed: 50 blogs.

My main frustration with the widget is that it shares only the most recent follows. Apparently it doesn’t rotate to include every follow intermittently – so the longest follows are never visible, which is a shame. (If you are one of them, you know who you are. Please, don’t feel left out!)

Anyway, I thought you too might be interested in some of them:


Overall I like to follow other writers, book bloggers, expat bloggers, travel bloggers, and style bloggers. The remarkable variety and often good quality of just those subgroups is usually astounding. Even following the ones I do is seriously time-consuming.

Anyway, I lighthearted post. Not too challenging for a Tuesday. Hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are. 🙂