USA Eagles In The Rugby World Cup 2015

The USA Eagles are 2500-1 underdogs to win the Rugby World Cup 2015. So what? Only 20 countries play in the final tournament – which is being held here in England this year.

If this is all new to you, here is a USA Eagles preview by the Guardian’s excellent rugby writer, Martin Pengelly:

Screen capture of the Guardian.
Screen capture of the Guardian.

Their first game is tomorrow (Sunday, at 7 AM ET), against Samoa. If you are in the U.S. and can see any of the games over the next few weeks, and have never watched rugby, well, if you like NFL football…. give it a watch.

No helmets! No pads! And no game-flow interrupting television commercial breaks! (Like soccer, the ads are at half-time.)

According to what I’ve read, 9 games are on NBC Sports and on the Universal Sports channel. All are also being streamed on the internet.

Tune in somehow and root for our guys! Many of them are amateurs, or part-timers who make little money from the game, and play for the sheer love of it. (How rare is that in current sports! There needs to be a professional league in the U.S.) This is their big moment!

Have a good Saturday. 🙂