Places Lived In England (A List)

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Whew. Done. We’re entirely moved out of the Trowbridge house.

Our UK worldly possessions are now mostly in a storage facility near Bristol. (Where we had thought we would be moving. We were wrong.) This morning, we’re at friends’ in Bath (who’ve lent us their place while they are on holiday). Later, we drive to London to visit with my in-laws for a week or so.

This latest move got me recalling all of the moves over the years.

Let’s see, our first UK home post-marriage was in pretty Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a house.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a house.

After that, it was north London (Enfield) for several years.

And after that, Christchurch, Dorset (a wonderful place).

In 2009, we had also shifted some of our stuff to the house in the Catskills. That furniture and possessions enjoyed a transatlantic ocean voyage. The moving company put it in a container at the house, took it to Southampton’s port, where the container went on a cargo ship. It crossed the Atlantic, spending a month or so in transit and U.S. customs. (Images we had seen of containers falling off ships were in our minds whenever we thought about it.) It arrived safely, and an American mover collected it from Newark and drove it up the mountain to the house.

Next, here in the England, has been Trowbridge, Wiltshire (not somewhere I honestly ever would have thought to have lived). It’s a decent town surrounded by beautiful countryside, and is only a short drive or train trip into gorgeous Bath. (The only downside to Bath is the traffic. Brassknocker Hill is worse than many a road in London. And why the A36 has to go thru the city instead of around it? If there were a bypass, the traffic in the city would be much less.)

Some of those places get mentions in my books. Research is certainly possible. Yet having actually visited or lived somewhere is naturally very helpful when it comes to writing about places.

Next? Likely it’s a “holiday let” for a week or two, while we try to find a new place to live, probably near Reading, Berkshire.

That can wait for a bit. No boxes to lug around today. No furniture to disassemble. And no getting soaked – it rained heavily on Monday at times, and Tuesday, and again yesterday. (Of course it’s not raining this morning. Last night, I felt like I could not recall what it felt like to be dry.)

Ahh, a day of rest. You have a good day too, wherever you are in the world. πŸ™‚

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