Summer’s Unofficial End

It’s a British bank holiday – so, as they like to say here, it’s probably raining:

Rained on garden furniture. [Photo by me, this morning.]
Rained on garden furniture. [Photo by me, this morning.]
And it is.

Also, as you know if you popped here by yesterday, I revealed a terrible truth about myself: I’m going to be, uh, “a certain age” in a few days.

I’ll be fine, I’m sure – as soon as I come to terms with the harsh reality I’ll no longer fall into the “18-49” advertisers’ preferred age bracket. 😉 My birthday being around the start of school had always made me indifferent to it growing up as well. A few times, I remember it even falling on the first day of classes!

So I’ve never really been a fan of Septembers full stop. But my birthday’s just an “extra” reason peculiar to me. I don’t suppose most anyone – in the Northern Hemisphere anyway – really is.

Have a good Monday, wherever you are. 🙂

And smile, smile, smile!

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