U.S. Servicemen Help Prevent Murder Spree

Their bravery cannot be commended enough. They should be invited to the White House. Yesterday these men – 2 U.S. servicemen (one not pictured), a long-time friend, and a British man – sensed trouble on a high-speed Thalys train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. In Belgium, and unarmed themselves, they reacted decisively:

Screen capture of Twitter.
Screen capture of Twitter.

Reports state one of two servicemen involved (the one not pictured, presumably because he had been sliced with a boxcutter during the melee and was under medical attention) in subduing the assailant is based at a U.S. air force base in Portugal’s Azores.

Despite the drawdowns in recent years, American military are still common here in Europe. When off base, in their free time, many take the opportunity to travel. And why not?

They are sometimes encountered in winters at ski resorts. No surprise: they are active, fit, young people. In this instance, for all of those on that train, that two of them happened to be in that carriage probably saved dozens of lives.


UPDATE: Official information has been released by the United States Air Force about the Airman involved:

From the U.S.A.F.
From the U.S.A.F.


  1. Hopefully they were there…. We have had luck. I heard yesterday afternoon that the terrorist found the bag with the arms “by chance”. I smiled thinking “by chance” U.S. soldier were there. Good work guys !

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