Mentioning This For A Friend

I woke up this morning realizing I had dreamt about someone who is dead, and for a few conscious moments I had forgotten she was.

Don’t you hate that?

Free Stock Photo: Orange emotional sunrise.
Free Stock Photo: Orange emotional sunrise.

So I haven’t exactly gotten off on the best foot today. But as I think back to yesterday, still polishing off Distances, with Adele shouting about fire and rain into my ears through my iPad headphones, I finished off one of those writing experiences a novelist lives for.

It had all just come flying out. “Genuine” stuff kept coming to mind as I was writing and proofing. Several pages in several different chapters – ad libbed, not previously outlined. It’s all going into the final tale.

Almost there. Almost there.

Passports (Part 1), Frontiers (Part 2), Distances (upcoming Part 3).
Passports (Part 1), Frontiers (Part 2), Distances (upcoming Part 3).

“Healthy competition,” also as the saying goes. An English friend says he wrote his first book because I had written Passports. I had “inspired” him, he said.

Which was an hono(u)r. Warning: his tales are, uh, NOT LIKE MINE. They are decidedly different:

“The Bastard Reich,” on

He’s almost finished with his second novel. The new one will be called The Colombian Connection. He doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but if you like indie authors, and violent, exciting, pacey, adventure thrillers, or know friends who do, well…. one Stuart Maidment of Bristol writes ’em well.

It’s not just about action. For example, he has never been to America. Yet he writes so vividly about the U.S., you would come away sure he must have been there. He stunned me with what appeared on the pages about Boston and the vicinity in the first book, The Bastard Reich.

On Tuesday, his wife emailed me his Colombian manuscript. I’ve started to have a read. One of any writer’s biggest issues is trying to find time to read others while you are writing your own stuff, but you try to make time for a friend.

He is not the “social media” type. Nor is he interesting in blogging. “Word of mouth” is how his stories get around. So, as a friend, I thought I would mention him here on my small platform in the vast literary universe.

When the new book appears, I’ll mention it again.

Back to my own work shortly. Additional ideas have rushed to mind this morning. I sense I still have some of yesterday’s head of steam left.

Have a good Thursday, wherever you are. 🙂

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