“He said THAT? And she said THAT?”

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I have literally awoken at times around 3am, my mind for some reason fixating on some plot point or statement.ย I wonder, “Did I leave *that* out? Did she say that?” It’s a sick feeling that can ruin a night’s sleep.

So far – luckily – whenever I have had that happen, on frantic double-checking I discover everything is fine, andย I breathe out. When writing a series, you need a perfect memory. You can’t miss a thing, because even a minor oversight or “misremembering” a tiny “fact” from earlier can prove pretty embarrassing later on.

[Selfie, 2015.]
[Selfie, 2015.]
I’ve been rereading Passports at length overย the last few days. It’s the first time I’ve done so in at least a year. As I do,ย I’m finding I’m also struck by how the books are “evolving” from that opener.

Whileย you’re actually writing your characters, you may not be cognizant of such change. Even if you are working to an outline – as I do – inevitablyย matters still take on a life of their own over time as you’re composing the tale. Three years ago, for me, writing, is not today: the books are no longer a “blank slate.” The characters now have personal histories of their own – sometimes weighing them as well.

Passportsย began almost – he now shudders – sweetly. It’s sort of, uh (Dearย God!),ย “young adult,” almost “happy” fiction. Breezy, optimistic, bubbly andย innocent (in a way).

Relax, that doesn’t last. I suppose, much like in our own lives,ย things may start off all smiles and promise. However, as reality hits it all becomes vastly more complicated…. and that tenor continues with Frontiers.

Depth and confusion invade. But I didn’t deliberately try to convey that, though. It just “happened” more or less.

For example, I’ve reviewed major characters’ initial appearances. I’ve juxtaposed those with how they are by the end of the Distances manuscript. The, uh, distances they have, umm, traveled by then are pretty personally considerable.

Interesting. Well, it is to me anyway. Hope you’re having a good Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

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