Free For Five Days

The British summer weather so far has been, mostly, superb. Today, here in Wiltshire, it’s supposed to be *hot.* I suspect we’re gonna wish we were still here:

Devon beach, with the wet hound. [Photo, 2015.]
Devon beach, with the wet hound. [Photo, 2015.]

I am also about 75 percent finished writing Distances. If I can keep this up, it will be completed by the autumn, which would be well ahead of what I’d hoped. Finishing that third volume has been a major target I’d been aiming for since I started writing in 2012-13.

With its completion in sight, I’ve decided to do a Kindle free promo for Passports, the first book. I haven’t done this before. I thought it would also be appropriate to do for a period including “July 14.” Click on the photo below and it will take you to’s Kindle page:

Kindle cover of
Kindle cover of “Passports,” as it appears on iPad.

Starting July 11, the entire novel will be free to download on Kindle and keep forever. But it will be available for free until only July 15. And I’m sure you understand that. 😉

Considering that “promo,” for a laugh – and especially because the previous three posts were not at all light-hearted (reasonable, given their subjects, of course) – I’ve linked below to an old post from last year in which I interview myself about Passports…. in a deliberately pompous, over the top, tongue-in-cheek style:

Excerpt from
Excerpt from “Saturday Interview: All About Vampires,” originally posted September 13, 2014.

Because we have to smile and laugh in this life, too. My nephew is staying with us for the weekend, so we are off now to try to entertain him. Have a good Friday, wherever you are in the world. 🙂