Devon’s Beautiful…. And One Rental Agent’s An Idiot

Thanks for your indulgence last week. There was supposed to be internet at our rental house in Devon, but there wasn’t. And even, as I’d also said, getting internet on our phones along that coast – near Woolacombe – turned out to be a major challenge.

The house wifi hadn’t just broken either. It had been down for some weeks, and the rental agent knew it, but had not told us. Although, when we arrived, in an email she claimed that she’d had.

Funny, we never got *that* email weeks before about the net being down. Oh, but we got the others looking for money, of course.

We’d never met her in person, and still haven’t – and we won’t, and why we won’t is something I will explain below.

In the house, we found a bottle of Tesco wine as an “apology.” When we managed to locate mobile net access (after initially having spoken to someone else in the office by phone about no internet) to send a quick message to complain formally that we were very disappointed because we had booked the house specifically because it had the net, she emailed us back snidely that…. we should’ve been thankful only to have had that as a problem, and she actually included a link to a Daily Mail article on the Tunisian British tourists’ beach massacre that had happened only hours earlier.

That email we found, by the way, over a day later…. and only that soon because we had ventured again into another location that happened to have had 3G access. If we had been inside a building, we’d have hit the ceiling. We were livid at her trying to use a horror like THAT in order to bat off a reasonable customer complaint in Devon.

We chose to ignore it. There was no point getting into a dust up with her over it. We simply won’t use that holiday rental agency again, and are considering what we might say to her boss.

We could all try that. Can’t make next month’s car payment? Try telling your lender, “Don’t you know there’s a war going on in Syria?”

* * *

That idiocy aside, we actually had a good week. The weather was mostly great, which you don’t expect during a British summer. 😉 In my free-time, I got loads of writing done.

First night dinner on the Devon coast. [Photo by me, 2015.]
First night dinner on the Devon coast. [Photo by me, 2015.]

In one sense, though, given that rampage in Tunisia I was glad to be off the net. What a nightmare. The printed newspapers we did see during the week, and the BBC TV broadcasts in the evenings, were sickening.

But I also really missed you all. I’ve come back to a slew of emails and notifications and stuff needing to be dealt with. I don’t know where to begin.

Anyhow, I hope all is well with you, wherever you are….


  1. Was your rental agent Welcome Cottages? We had great service, with a cottage near Kendal, Cumbria then Widdecombe in the Moor, Devon for a whole month in 2007. Of course no Wi-Fi then, only a BT landline in the host’s home. Mind, with those centuries old walls, doubt Wi-Fi would have worked.

    AirBNB, though, when I stayed in Italy. If they said there was Wi-Fi, there was.

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    • No, it was different one. We’ve usually had reliable net when away. Something funny went on here. But, again, maybe that was a good thing – missed a lot of last week’s lousy news. Ignorance and all that.

      I remember pre-wifi and plugging in cables, etc. Good grief, seems like ages ago. And to think, at least one to two generations have no idea how “fun” it used to be get to an internet connection. 🙂

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      • More than two generations for me 🙂 but I was in a University of Toronto lab in 1972 when it used to be called Arpanet, the earliest computer networks. Who’d have guessed the potential then?

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