“Foolish, Mr. Bond”

He is in Austria with his son, to see the Austrian Grand Prix.

She is with her daughter – recently turned 18 – on a long weekend in Split, Croatia.

Jet setters.

What we all do for friends, eh?:

Same cat. Using the top of the wine cooler, he likes sitting next to you at the kitchen island.
Using the top of the wine cooler, this one likes sitting next to you at the kitchen island.

Someone had to watch their cats, so we’re staying in their house.

Cat sitting for friends over the weekend.
Me, with the same cat. “I’m disappointed, Mr. Bond. I expected better. To the shark tank with you both.”

They have two. They are the Devon Rex breed. I don’t know much about cats, but it’s apparently one of the most intelligent, silly, and interactive breeds you’ve ever seen.

These two live up to that. (The other looks similar.) They crave attention and follow you around like puppies. Turn away from them for a second, and you could have one of them climbing on you and draping himself around the back of your neck.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. I’ll spend the rest of today, into tomorrow, watching my back. 🙂

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