“Mrs. Hall-Surrey” Sees “Herself”

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Well, our former Christchurch neighbo(u)rs are back in England from Tenerife. The Mrs. half of the couple surprised us with a phone call last night. We’re all going to meet for lunch in the near future, roughly halfway between here in Wiltshire and where they live 6 doors away from our old house in Christchurch.

During our short chat, she said she’d finished Frontiers a few weeks ago. Shameless plug from me here: She said she liked Frontiers even better than Passports. She also declared she can’t wait for the next book to see what else could possibly happen.

So, uh, no rising high expectations there for me to meet!

Christchurch. [Screen capture of Wikipedia by me, 2015.]
Christchurch. [Screen capture of Wikipedia by me, 2015.]

She loved that I wrote about Christchurch again. In Passports, I’d just dropped in a quick mention. But in Frontiers, I decided to go all out: I filled a chapter.

And she did indeed figure it out. She saw “herself” on the pages. A first-class person and good sport, she is greatly flattered I used her and her husband as the basis for Englishwoman “Natalie Hall-Surrey’s” parents….

β€œYou said your mother is here?” Isabelle asked Natalie.

β€œShe’s gone for a walk. She’s probably dreaming along the Seine somewhere.”

I did so partly because they are well-familiar with France. They’ve been sharing my books with French friends, too (certainly a vote of confidence), and that has been extremely kind of them. (Their daughter actually did live in Paris for several years, but “Natalie” is NOT based on their daughter.) I’m beginning to wonder if I should have the books translated?

Free Stock Photos: A student on a laptop.
Free Stock Photo: A student on a laptop.

Praise like that from her is the sort of thing every novelist needs to hear now and then. Writing can be rewarding. However, any “reward” only may come after months (and even years) of largely unseen, usually solitary, hard work that flows from applying oneself to the project unrelentingly (even in the face of so-called “writer’s block”) and NOT frittering away one’s time, urr, jogging “aimlessly” around the Hamptons….

….And, umm, don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean by that. All of those “likes” for yesterday’s post on The Affair. Uh, huh.

Clearly you all “like” that stuff. I get the hint. So I need to post more of that sort of thing, eh? πŸ˜‰

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