Quite A “Sane” Ending

Having recorded it on Thursday evening (when it was shown here in Britain), last night I finally watched the series finale of Mad Men.

Screen capture of IMDB.
Screen capture of IMDB.

I had been studiously avoiding “spoilers” online – something not easy to do when it seemed half of America was tweeting about it when it was broadcast there on May 17. Somehow, I managed it.

It’s sad to see it go, for those sorts of well-crafted programs are so rare. I felt the last episode hit the tone about right. It wasn’t a “letdown” (to me anyway).

Now, there are SPOILERS in my next paragraph. 😉

The abrupt foreshadowing that “Don Draper” would shortly thereafter write one of the most famous commercial spots in U.S. TV history was a fitting end. That there were no overblown theatrics was refreshing as well. Mostly the characters go their separate ways, into the 1970s, and on to their individual fates.

That is, indeed, much like real life happens for all of us.

Just my take. If you watched it, naturally you have your own….

Hope your weekend is going well. 🙂