A Heartfelt “Thanks”

Everything can seem fine. Daily work and life proceeds. We may feel we’ve got it *mostly* under control….

“But then you come walking into a room, and my mind goes somewhere else.” ~ James (in Frontiers)

Indeed and then we’re jolted into reflecting. Amidst all of the hundreds of postings to date here, I have perhaps inadequately acknowledged what’s ultimately most important. Allow me to do so unambiguously.

Free Stock Photo: A heart drawn in the sand.
Free Stock Photo: A heart drawn in the sand.

A novelist without readers is really just some introverted scribbler.

So I would like to say to you, as a reader, simply, “Thank you.”

And now another coffee, and back to the working on the next installment.

Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

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