Will The Office Chair Help?

Finally, I have a proper desk chair! It was a surprise from someone close to me, who ordered it to arrive on Saturday morning. And it’s perfect:

My new office chair! [Photo by me, 2015.]
My new office chair! [Photo by me, 2015.]

I’m told now that there is no excuse if the third novel isn’t absolutely magnificent. 😉

Since we’d moved into our new place here and gotten the desk, I had been improvising using a dining room table chair. I just fell into the habit. I’d simply never gotten around to looking for an actual office chair. (My 13 year old nephew in Essex has the old one.)

I’m sure you’ve noticed the wires: iPad, iPhone, Surface, laptop, Kindle, etc. Wires, wires, wires. Tech today, eh?

*  *  *

Will the chair help? Well, I managed to write over 10 good pages yesterday – my first working day since Friday. That’s well above my usual 3-5 page target.

As I finished off and closed the Surface Pro 3, I realized I had also jumped around quite a bit. You’ve seen bits and pieces I’ve shared. Writing a tale that is both “vertical” as well as “horizontal” presents a host of challenges.

This volume is shaping up as perhaps the most intricate of the three so far. It has the familiar characters who’ve been with us throughout. James remains central. As does Isabelle. As does Valérie, too. There’s our inimitable Uncle Bill…. and, uh, Giuliana. There’s Béatrice being Béatrice. Lena’s got a surprising role. And there’s Mark and Virginie (of course). Stéphane and Natalie (and the recent arrival) prove important. Maki returns. As does Sonia. Lori and Andrew pop up. So do various parents and relations.

Moreover Juliette has a larger presence than before. Doug too. Aurélie gets more space as well. And there are others I won’t even try to list here.

Besides them, there are several brand new characters – Amy, Lee, Clémence, Schéhérazade, Maria and Thomas (Uncle Bill’s adult children), and Jack.

I’m worn out just recounting that, yet it’s intimidating only if I judge the whole in that manner. Yes, it’s foolish as an author not to attempt to ascertain the size of the forest before you set off on your [writing] journey. But if en route you work daily at only today’s trees, the overall tale never seems nearly so overwhelmingly vast a forest.

Perhaps much like our own real lives?

* * *

By the way, who makes that office chair?:


Of course it’s German. Within the European Union order something manufactured, and it’ll often turn out to be German. 😉

Have a good Wednesday. 🙂

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  1. Lovely chair, Robert. Now you got to finish the book.

    I tell you, I obsess more about the chair, and the desk, and the office I will write in, than I do the actual writing. There was this massive wood block table I built myself, a captain’s chair with a hard wood seat (got a cushion shortly). All of which is wonderful ritual, like a scholar setting up paper and sharpening quills at the beginning of the day.

    Then I remember how I wrote my first novel at 24, at a small card table on pads of lined yellow legal paper, with a ball point pen. I miss that, or maybe I just miss being 24. Best wishes on your writing!


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