The World’s Sexiest Nationality?

Previously, this blog has dutifully shared what we are informed are “the most attractive accents” in the world. Now this, as reported by a well-respected Irish media outlet. Understand, it is offered here purely for any “research and reference” purposes you may have:

Screen capture of the Irish Times.
Screen capture of the Irish Times.

That Irish Times piece goes on to tell us a “travel dating” web site conducted the poll: polled 110,000 single Americans to find the “The World’s Sexiest Nationalities”, with Irish men taking almost 8,000 votes from the 66,000 American women who participated in the survey. Australian men ranked second.

Here are its “Top Ten” from both men and women. Certain conclusions jump to mind immediately about American preferences….

Screen capture of the Irish Times report on the Top Ten preferences of men and women.
Screen capture of the Irish Times report on the Top Ten preferences of men and women.

Interesting. Having married an English woman, I will abstain from sharing any personal opinion here. 😉

That said, what that poll appears to demonstrate is lots of American men really like Kim Kardashian…. and appear to hope there’s an entire country full of other “Kims” out there?

From the other side of the aisle, it would appear quite a few American women fantasize about Jamie Dornan?…. or maybe, possibly, uh, Roy Keane?

Have a very romantic evening, whatever nationality your partner may be. 🙂


  1. I should add, as an aside on Indo-Pakistani culture, many Pakistanis will note Indian men do not make the list, yet distinction made for ‘Pakistani’.

    Many male Bollywood heart throbs are Indian Muslim.

    Has much to do with our shared history and culture, which prevent us from living together in peace, sadly.

    But one thing we do believe, and maybe that’s reflected in the poll: we do think we are different. And not just from Indians 🙂

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