Sneak Peek: The Khoury Sisters

I hadn’t “planned” it this way, but as I began to write Passports, I found myself drawn to exploring those who don’t really have “intimate” sibling relationships. My younger main characters tend to be “only children,” have much older siblings, or are essentially estranged from them. In many ways, their friends come to serve as “replacement” brothers and sisters.

There’s one notable exception: the Khoury sisters. In their mid-late 20s, both Valérie and Juliette still live at home with their French mother and Lebanese-French father. Valérie is the older by about two years. Extremely close, they even holiday together without their parents.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of dancing silhouettes.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of dancing silhouettes.

Here’s another “sneak peek” into a scene I recently finished drafting in Distances. In the hotel room they are (supposed to be) sharing in Rome, at around 6 am Juliette has returned after having sneakily been out all night with a certain man. In bed and awake as her sister finally appears, Valérie is decidedly underwhelmed.

Eventually Juliette in turn challenges Valérie about what she is doing with her own life. (Juliette’s English is much weaker than Valérie’s.) They conclude, though, with a shared “sisterly” laugh. Within their back and forth, another issue that pops up here and there in the books rears its head once more: Can women and men ever really be “just friends?

It still has some “sloppiness” that needs attention, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless:

A sneak peek into "Distances." Click to enlarge.
A sneak peek into “Distances.” Click to enlarge.

As you may know, Valérie has been a major character from almost the very beginning. But Juliette had been more of “a bit” player in the first two novels. In this third book, there will be more of her.

I hope you have a good Friday, wherever you are. 🙂