In So Many Words

Commenting on my “Marathon Man” post in which I’d shared an extended look at the rough draft of a scene, Naseer wrote:

Interesting to note how Americans are when they meet each other in foreign climes, be it Paris or Kathmandu (Said with affection) Your writing adds a lot of colour. I get impression colour around you is somehow very important?

“Colour” is indeed vital to me. Background. Setting. Personalities. A sentence. A nod. A look. Taking a hand. The tiniest of moments that have the most gigantic of life consequences. As in our real lives.

A major purpose of my site here is simply to convey something daily of what I am. In doing that, I like to share the hows and whys of what I write: a journal of ups and downs. I also touch on broader topics that go beyond just my books, but which are related to my subject.

If I’m right handed, I’m not going to try to write with my left. I couldn’t write “crime” novels. Forget “horror” stories. And I have not a prayer of ever doing “sci-fi” and/ or “vampire goblin” books without making a fool out of myself. There are others out there who write those sort of tales, and many of them do it very well.

The quality of what I write is in the eye of the beholder naturally, but I certainly do know what I could not write. Within my books, I have my struggles too, of course. “Love scenes” give me the biggest headaches – sometimes literally. Here are several paragraphs within a chapter that is currently driving me nuts:

A sneak peek into “Distances.”

Again, I’m not telling you who is thinking that, or about whom. 😉 But how many of us have had some moment vaguely like that one? The likes of that can be among the most romantic, and heart-breaking, seconds we ever experience.

Trying to put into words what may be so difficult to say.

I have my style. I have my subject matter and my approach to it. What you see in the sidebar is what I write about: living outside of the country where one had been born, fitting in, travel, diverse relationships, differing cultures, and even, yes, some romance.

Our back garden. Spring arriving in the west of England. [Photo by me. Taken yesterday, after the solar eclipse.]
Our back garden. Spring arriving in the west of England. [Photo by me. Taken yesterday, after the solar eclipse.]
If you visit here regularly, you probably mostly know all of that. But everyone clicks in for a first time and may wonder, “Whoa! What’s he on about?” So trying to sum oneself up – beyond the “About” page – is necessary and helpful.

Even writing this relatively short post was much more of a struggle than usual.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a pleasant Saturday, wherever you are. 🙂