Why I Prefer Cover Photos I’ve Taken

In a bit of a change, for the coming third book I decided to create a “working cover” early on. It’s just me “having a go.” I’ve messed around in recent days with some initial ideas.

Remember those back in the dark ages photos I’d dug into recently? I decided to use one of them. It was the photo I’d snapped in 1996 that included that unidentified woman singer:

Draft cover. A bit different than the first two books. Just me having an "artistic" moment. [Photo by me, 1996.]
Draft cover. A bit different than the first two books. Me having an “artistic moment.” [Photo by me, 1996.]

I’ve also decided I might try a rather different look for the third cover.

The first two books’ photos – front and back – were all taken by me personally. I like using my own photographs. I want to own all of my books, artwork included.

There’s also another driver pushing me to use my own photos. It’s that it seems the better choice. Too many independent covers I’ve seen are, in my humble opinion [he whispers, just between us here (and the internet)], cheesy, dreadful junk.

In comparison, real photographs are just that – real. They don’t look like a cobbled together art job. [Shudders.] I’d also be terrible at producing that sort of thing myself anyway, which would be immediately and embarrassingly obvious.

I’ve noted this before too, and my view hasn’t really changed. I want to avoid faces in cover photographs because I don’t want my characters associated with stock models. I want a reader to “imagine” for her/himself what the characters look like based on what they read in my books.

Oh, if there’s ever a film version, well, I’ll cross that horrible bridge when I get to it. 😉

* * *

You may or may not have noticed that at the top I’ve added a new blog page: “Sneak peeks” for Distances. It is essentially the same thing I did for Frontiers. I like having the excerpts “listed” in one easy to find place.

Try to have a good [grumble, grumble] Monday, wherever you are. 🙂

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  1. Really interesting to see how the cover evolved from back then and now. Must be a good feeling to have your own photo on the front cover too. 🙂


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