Happy Mother’s Day (UK)

Most weekends I don’t do much original writing. I try to confine it to the “work week.” Weekends I usually aim to take a break (aside from my journal here).

In recent weeks, though, I’ve felt I’ve been on something of “hot streak.” Yesterday, an idea for a small plot twist struck me too. Fearing I’d lose some of it in my head by Monday, I wanted to get it into the manuscript, so I spent some time working in the morning and it was time well spent.

Afterwards, I thought again about how the characters have come to mean a lot to me. True, we have all been grabbed by “people” we’ve gotten “to know” in novels. But how about when they are swirling around in your head uncountable hours each and every day for years because you are writing them and thus creating their very existences?

Free Stock Photo: Young woman taking a photograph.
Free Stock Photo: Young woman taking a photograph.

I’m hono(u)red to have attracted quite a few new followers here in recent months. (“Hello!” [Waves]). If you’re one, you may have missed this post from early January. I think it’s worth re-linking to here: “Email To A Younger Self”:

Dear Rob,

How are things back in 1995? Heh, heh, who am I kidding? I know….

I bring that up because I’ve also written previously that I firmly believe “life experience” plays a profound role in novel writing. Certainly I remember what I was in my 20s. It’s not THAT long ago! (At least it’s not to me anyhow.)

However, as I wrote more yesterday involving those younger characters in Italy, it hit me that increasingly I can “identify” with the older ones too. I believe I can better grasp their parents’ and older relatives’ perspectives, which I probably couldn’t have done nearly as well “20 years” ago. I find myself feeling at times a bit like the younger characters’ “father” – as if they are (20-something) kids of my own.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a man talking on a telephone.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a man talking on a telephone.

Oh, God, no! What’s happening to me? 😉 The same thing that happens to all of us eventually, of course.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Over time we learn, grow, and even attain a degree of wisdom. We do come to appreciate this simple reality as well: Our elders occasionally did (and do) get a few things right.

Happy Mother’s Day (UK). 🙂

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