Because We Love Italy

In the first two volumes, I concentrated (unsurprisingly, I suppose) on three countries: the U.S., France, and Britain. However, I also made scattered references to Italy. I included the likes of “James” having an Italian aunt, “Isabelle” having been to a language school in Rome, “Giorgio” debating Italian girls with “Isabelle,” English “Natalie’s” younger cousin “Maddie” having studied in Florence, and “Valérie” loving Rome as a getaway destination.

I did that for two reasons. First, it’s really difficult not to be wowed by Italy. Millions of us visitors (perhaps you have been one too) are every year:

A famous Rome landmark. [Photo by me, 2013.]
A famous Rome landmark. [Photo by me, 2013.]

Second, we all love reading about Italy, don’t we? So I wanted to get the story briefly to Italy at some point, and with the third installment – Distances – I’m doing so. Here’s a page in the draft of one scene I’m struggling with working on:


Naturally I prefer not to give away too much here, so of course I’m not going to explain what had happened to Lena. You’ll just have to control yourself, okay! You’ll find out when the book is completed! 😉

I hope you’re having a pleasant weekend, wherever you are. 🙂

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