An Air Of Style

I fly a lot. Obviously everyone’s Number 1 concern is with safety. That assumed, when flying we all do also crave some “style” and even “romance” aboard. After all, we’re flying! – something humanity for countless generations before us dreamed of being able to do as we can, and we are!

(Uh, and in writing of “romance” there I don’t necessarily mean as in those romantic row mates I’d had years ago. Although our flight was exceedingly “romantic” for the two of them, I’ll grant you. Or, then again, maybe that’s your long-haul fantasy too? 😉 )

You may be in a frequent flyer program. For years we have flown British Airways whenever possible. Shopping around isn’t really worthwhile or practical.

Yet even with so many of us tied into those schemes, airlines still hope to get some of us regular flyers to switch our “loyalty,” of course. Naturally they also crave brand new customers as well. Both certainly in their sights, here’s a new Air France advert:

Kissing on swings? My initial reaction to it was that ad could NOT possibly have come from British Airways. This one from 2013 did:

That’s it: reliable, global, and very British. (“Oh, they’re serving Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner!” That’s not in the ad! I’m kidding!)

And then there are our U.S. “legacy” carriers. One example, American Airlines:

They’re trying to raise their game, let’s give them that much.

There was a time U.S.-based airlines were in the forefront of everything, and were also “hip” and “cool.” That’s so long ago now it’s almost hard to remember when that was. (It was really before most of us now were born.) Maybe there will be a time someday that will be the case once again.

That said, I’ve just recalled how our late dear friend Kam loved flying to the U.S. on United Airlines. Stylista she was, I never asked her: “Uh, why?” Whenever she was aboard, her presence alone would’ve raised its “cool” level about “1,000” times at least.

Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. If you are flying, have a good flight. And if you are lucky enough to be in Business Class, have a glass of champagne. 🙂