We’ve All Had “Our First Post”

I’m still “in the zone.” Yesterday was the best example in this recent “burst” of creativity. I got through an entire chapter, start to finish, and added several other pages here and there.

With that, I’ve got almost 25,000 words now. Parts (of this in-progress third novel) are starting to read much more like a coherent manuscript and not nearly so much as a disjointed series of episodes in and among the outline.

As my uncle wrote me the other day, “Just keep going.” Indeed, I intend to do so. And I love days of accomplishment like that.

That also means that, urr, ahem, well, I’ve got nothing really to share about anything else here. That happens rarely, I know. Usually I’ve struck a balance and have a daily blog post prepared too, but not today.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of mouse on question mark.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of mouse on question mark.

This is silly: I’m blogging about having nothing to blog about? But I always bear in mind that I’m first and foremost writing the novels. The blogging has to be secondary.

* * *

All that said, this just came to mind. If you blog, you had your first post. You remember that one? The one you were sure almost no one read but you? 😉

Hala Feghaly is a young Lebanese journalist new here on WordPress. She just published her first post. I know it’s in Arabic, but over time I’m sure she’ll write in English and French also as she does on Twitter.

From Hala Feghaly's first post.
From Hala Feghaly’s first post.

If you’re so inclined, consider giving her some encouragement and a “welcoming hello” with a follow. We all had to start at some point ourselves. Didn’t we?

Hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

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