Our Warmest (And Coolest) Feelings: 25 Countries

USA Today tweeted this yesterday:

USA Today screen capture.
USA Today screen capture.

I enjoy polls such as that one. And that one makes for something of a change too. Usually it’s about who hates us. 😉

Back in September, shortly after the poll was originally released, the Vox site elaborated:

Vox screen capture
Vox screen capture

Seems those attracting the “warmest” feelings are those we would have expected. After Canada and Britain, next are Germany, Japan and France all above “60.”

Seems we quite like Brazil. And India is pretty high on the list too. Nonetheless a Vox writer pointed out:

….aside from high profile countries like Israel, Iraq, Russia, China, and major advanced democracies, the American public doesn’t really know enough about most countries to have strong opinions about them.

That’s easy to assert, but I’m not so sure about that in this case. Consider India: it’s a country they’d definitely always heard of but which was largely mysterious to most Americans even a decade or two ago. It is now increasingly well thought of. Clearly Americans are developing new perspectives based on an evolving world and how it is impacting them.

And where’s Australia? It’s a country well-known to be extremely popular among Americans. Or Italy? Or the Republic of Ireland? Or Poland? Or any in Scandinavia? They get no mentions at all?

Because those weren’t supplied as choices. Respondents were given ONLY those 25 countries to choose from among, and were asked to rank their feelings toward each of them. So they were “guided” in their choice of answers to some extent.

That poll was also in mid-2014. I do wonder whether there has been movement upwards or downwards among those since? For example, has France gone up somewhat since the Charlie Hebdo murders and international #JeSuisCharlie supportive reaction?

Time for another poll, surely?

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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