And Something About Llamas?

While I was working yesterday, I did what I normally do: I had Twitter open to the side on my iPad. I check it occasionally. Usually I do so when I stop for a writing break, but sometimes I just glance over at it.

That latter is a bad habit.

What a strange “social media” day yesterday was (to me, anyway).

Here in Britain, there was lots of tweeting – from individuals and media – about the murdering “Jihadi John.”

There were tweets as well from various places that among the hundreds of people – mostly Christians – who had been kidnapped in recent days in Daesh/ ISIS controlled areas, some have been slaughtered. At least one woman was reportedly beheaded.

Also history was simultaneously being annihilated in areas under that genocidal Daesh’s control. Lackeys had been photographed and filmed taking sledgehammers and jackhammers to friezes and statues that dated back seemingly to ancient Sumer. One Arab journalist in my timeline outright called them “savages.”

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a globe.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a globe.

At the same time many U.S.-based tweeters, including media, were on and on and on and on about the legalization of marijuana in Washington, D.C.

Later, something about llamas seemed to have been “trending” really big too.

Screen capture of my Twitter yesterday.
Screen capture of my Twitter yesterday.

It was a bizarre, unsettling, jolting “double-stream.” I found myself depressed by it. I felt like I was seeing two completely different planets.

I suppose the likes of that serves as a useful reminder once again that while “social media” sometimes conveys the happy impression we all “live in the same place,” in reality quite clearly we all don’t.

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