Canary Surprise

My wife received an email yesterday from a former neighbo(u)r of ours. She’s flying to the Canary Islands today. She and her husband are selling a holiday flat they’ve owned there for several decades.

The Canary Islands. Wikipedia. [Screen capture by me, 2015.]
The Canary Islands. Wikipedia. [Screen capture by me, 2015.]

In the message she explained to Mrs. Nello that she’s taking Frontiers (the paperback) along. (She doesn’t do Kindle.) She wrote she hadn’t read it yet and is looking forward to it for the airport wait and plane journey. She wanted Mrs. Nello to let me know.

Hmm, I wonder…. what she’ll…. think of it?:

For James’s benefit, Patricia clarified that Maddie’s father was Paul’s younger brother – which James had known already. She explained as well that Maddie’s mother had been born in London of immigrant parents from Goa, India. She had met Paul’s brother when they were in college together.

Paul asked Patricia, “So they are going to Goa?”

Maddie smiled as if what was about to follow was extremely familiar to her.

Patricia replied, “Yes, her grandparents are going to Goa.”

Paul smiled, “So, when are they going to Goa?”

Realizing what Paul was attempting as humor yet again, Patricia politely pulled him up. “Dear, they are going to Goa, I think in a month or two.”

Paul concluded, “That’s fine. I just wanted to know when they are going to Goa.” He smiled broadly at Maddie.

Patricia finally put an end to the word play. “Darling, I think that’s enough now.”

She has not the faintest clue that she’s the model for “Natalie’s” mum, “Patricia.” And her real-life husband is “Paul,” “Natalie’s” father. “Natalie’s” parents don’t appear in the first book: Passports.

I’d love to be there when, turning pages, and possessing a dry sense of humo(u)r, she encounters, err, someone a lot like herself. A sharp-eyed reader and well-aware of how nearly all the characters are constructed, she’s gotta see it. There should be quite a memorable email fired at me after she notices. 😉

I wasn’t trying to be sneaky. However, sometimes an unplanned idea hits you as you’re writing and you run with it and it works. That’s when authoring is perhaps the most satisfying. 🙂

Happy Thursday!