Novelist Uncle Is In The Building

Well, I had an email exchange with my uncle last night. He knows now about my books completely – including my pen name and what underscores the stories.

The mask is off.

Wires everywhere! Part of my desk. [Photo by me, this morning.]
Wires everywhere! Part of my desk. [Photo by me, this morning.]

I can’t reproduce much of his note back to me. Lots of it is family stuff. But these extracts should give you the gist:

Dear Robert I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and this effort. Let me say that 100 thou words is a bit too long..but…I teach the memoir and I tell my students u cannot concern yourself with what others think…

…I do look forward to reading your effort I do love the way you set about describing where you are and where you are going and doing and the way you incorporated history in your writing is just great too…

…I continue to write, publishing a short story next month and would like to take on the novel one more time. It is as you know a huge commitment and I have little energy nowadays…

The novel-writing world of this modest site has changed fundamentally in the last 24 hours. He has this page’s web address. He might well (indeed, quite likely) read this.

All of you, just bear that in mind. 😉

I feel oddly like something of a different person this morning. Anyway, back to work now. Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂


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