Mes Amis

Hot chocolate:

Hot Chocolate, Mes Amis, Beckington. [Photo by me, 2015.]
Hot Chocolate, Mes Amis, Beckington. [Photo by me, 2015.]
I had that yesterday afternoon, at Mes Amis. It’s in Beckington (which sounds like a great surname for a fictional English character in a novel), Somerset.

And, yes, it was delicious. 🙂

Unfortunately it isn’t open Sundays. Sorry. But it is open Monday through Saturday. 😉


After yesterday’s post about lunacy on TripAdvisor, I’d thought I’d see if the small cafe/ eatery (restaurant is too strong a word) happened to be there. It is.

Most reviewers are overwhelmingly positive. (If I reviewed it, I would be.) But there’s always one stick in the mud. This person gives it a “2” (the only “poor” review out of 12 of them) and here’s why:

Used to go here quite a bit. Don’t really eat here any more because I got a bit bored with the food, always seemed to be the same offerings. I think its trying to portray an image of a better class foodies eatery to justify the cost of the food but unfortunately its not succeeding! To sum up if you like average quality food bulked up with masses of salad and overpriced this is the place for you.

It would be extremely petty of me to point out the inability of someone to use an apostrophe properly in a sentence – “it’s” not “its” there, it is “it’s” – while writing a seriously petty review.

So I will.

He downrates it sharply because, while he says he used to go there a lot – so he must have liked its “average quality food” a lot then – he is now “bored” by it.

Apparently the fundamental irony of that utterly escapes him.

Next, after all those visits he suddenly woke up and noticed it’s pricey.

It’s in a small, sought-after, leafy, Somerset village, that’s also, uh, pricey. And, well, surprise, surprise, guess what? It’s not a Morrison’s (a British supermarket chain) cafe.

That reviewer is exactly what’s wrong with TripAdvisor. He rates not on what it is. He’s being churlish about what it isn’t.

Well, there’s also a Texaco station off the roundabout outside the village. One could always eat there instead. It’ll leave Mes Amis’s few tables open to those who actually appreciate it.

Hope you are having a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂