Sneak Peek: “Are you a Parisian?”

Happy Friday! Good Morning!:

[Photo by me, 2015.]
[Photo by me, 2015.]

I’ve been writing lots in recent days. There are just those times it “flows” and you find you just keep “going with it.” It’s sorta like being on a “winning streak” in sports. (Thus decidedly unlike England’s current World Cup cricket team’s experience.)

When you find yourself “in the zone” you don’t want to do anything to mess it up. You pray it keeps going for quite a while. Given that, after the first “sneak peek” last month into the new novel’s manuscript, I figured I’d share a second here.

Since the appearance on the scene of relatively easy global air travel in the 1960s, we’ve begun to live ever more in a world in which we never know who we might “bump into” and where. In this case, two strangers find themselves crossing paths at a mutual friend’s apartment. Meeting creates some unease when one is jolted somewhat by the other, while that other has no idea anything’s “wrong.”

This is a bit longer than my usual “peek.” I felt it needed to include most of the scene. I also have to “tidy” it up more of course (you can click on it to make it larger), but I hope you like it:

[Sneak Peek, by me 2015.]
[Sneak Peek, by me 2015.]

Encounters don’t always have to take place only, uh, “in the lobby of the Savoy.”

Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t resist dropping that in here. 😉

Have a good day, wherever you are.

I’m going back to writing in a little while, hoping today is another day “in the zone.” 🙂