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Fly, Let’s Fly Away (Unless There’s An Air Traffic Control Computer Breakdown)

December 14, 2014
R. J. Nello

Hi everyone. I scribbled this post on Friday evening, at about 7:30 PM, waiting at the gate for my British Airways flight to London Heathrow. As I had no internet access, I could not post it until this morning, UK time.

* * *

An airport service driver met me at my parents’ Pennsylvania house. We had a two hour drive to Newark Airport. The roads around Newark are absurd. I understand now why New Jerseyites have among the highest car insurance rates in the U.S. I feel sorry for them. Lunatics are responsible for the road layouts of the likes of I-78, I-287 and Route 24. No wonder so many people crash into each other.

What might have been a long flight delay – until 2 am Saturday – due to the London area computer breakdown, mercifully became only one hour for my flight. That, as we know, is no big deal in air travel terms.

We all know the drill once we get to an airport. BA staff at check-in were pleasant and helpful. No wait at the bag drop.

“So we’re going?” I laughed to the woman behind the counter as she took my printed boarding pass and passport.

“Oh, yes,” she smiled. “Just about an hour delay.”

I got here so early, I treated myself to a couple of slices of pizza from (I think it was called) Famiglia Market. Pretty good, actually. Schwarzenegger had apparently been there. His photo is displayed prominently behind the counter. “I’ll be back” …. for pizza again, he said.

At Security, a British woman immediately ahead of me in the line (queue) left her passport and ticket next to the bins into which you put objects to be screened. I noticed them when I looked down to grab bins for myself. She was immensely relieved I’d seen them and said something before she’d gone through the metal detector.

My good deed.

A people-less moment, at the gates at Newark-Liberty Airport's Terminal B. [Photo by me, 2014.]

A people-less moment, at the gates at Newark-Liberty Airport’s Terminal B. [Photo by me, 2014.]

There is not much to do at the gates at Terminal B at Newark. BA Terminal 7 at JFK has lots more duty free shopping and places to eat. Newark has most of it before Security, which isn’t always convenient.

I did buy a bottle of Gordon’s for my father-in-law, though, and wished the guy at the shop a good night. He replied that he would be working well into the night. “There’s a China flight that goes off at 2 AM,” he groaned.

A Paris-Orly flight is boarding at a nearby gate. A couple of passengers are being summoned for “document checks.” The PA announcer calling out some passenger names is having trouble pronouncing a couple of the French names….

Another Dreamliner flight awaits. I’ll probably sleep the whole way across – after a vodka and Coke. Next stop Heathrow Terminal 5.

* * *

Now it’s Sunday morning in London. I made it. I’m back. πŸ™‚

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