Give Thanks

Yesterday, sitting around the kitchen table chatting, my Dad (who has never been out of the U.S.) raised the issue of Qatar hosting the World Cup. He thought it was amazing it would be held there. I said it’s not; many visit the Gulf states every year, including millions of Europeans.

Without thinking, I happened then to mention that Kam had been to neighboring Dubai and she had…. loved…. it….

For a moment, I’d totally forgotten. In February, we lost her – a dear friend who was only 45.

Dad himself almost died in August of heart failure. My uncle (now 74), of whom I write a great deal about on here as a novelist and a writing inspiration for me, has major health troubles arising increasingly. I’m sure you too have much the same in your life.

View from my parents' house yesterday. Pennsylvania, U.S.A., post-snowstorm.
View from my parents’ house yesterday. Pennsylvania, U.S.A., post-snowstorm. [Photo by Mrs. Nello, 2014.]

Cherish those you love. We never know who won’t be at the table a year from now.

If you observe it in the U.S., or abroad, have a good Thanksgiving. 🙂