And You Ask Where Novelists Find Material?

Here’s a UK TV listing for a showing of The Longest Day. I screen grabbed it back on Saturday. Why? Because it made me chuckle:

Screen capture of The Longest Day listing on Sky, on Saturday afternoon.
Screen capture of The Longest Day listing on More 4 on Saturday afternoon.

You gotta love it. The British do “subtle” like almost no one else. Notice that the British cast – despite John Wayne’s photo – get first national mention. And also note which country gets last mention…. after even…. the Germans.

I love stumbling on stuff such as that. We all seem hard wired to have a bit of a dig at each other. A couple of decades of encountering the likes of that has helped provide me with material in two novels so far. 😉

Happy Monday [grumble, grumble], wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “And You Ask Where Novelists Find Material?

  1. I was going to write about this – what is the main ‘ingredient’ for a writer and from where does he ‘procure’ it.! Yours is in a humorous tone… I thought of writing something strong about it 🙂 Good week ahead from India!

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    1. We can’t escape seriousness in life and I write seriously too. But I like fun also: a smile. Sometimes a smile by surprise. We have to remember to inject humor into what we write because so much in life can indeed be very funny! 🙂

      Good day to you too in India! 🙂

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