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November 5, 2014
R. J. Nello

I don’t keep close tabs on visitors. However, I have noticed over nearly the year this blog has existed that my “Top Five” countries of daily “regular visitors” clicking in through the web (as separate from those of you who arrive via the WordPress reader) have by now come pretty consistently to be ranked like this each day:

1) U.S.A. [almost always first]
2) U.K. [usually second, but there have been days they’ve outnumbered the U.S.]
3) Germany
4) France
5) Canada [in variations on that 3, 4, 5 order].

Visitors from Australia, Brazil, India, South Africa, Italy, the United Arab Emirates (yes, really), and Hong Kong, also drop by regularly. [He waves.] Although some days none from those countries appear at all. So this snapshot yesterday afternoon was odd, to say the least, which is why I screen grabbed it:

Interesting stats on Tuesday afternoon, U.K. time.

Interesting stats on Tuesday afternoon, U.K. time. [Screen capture by me.]

That was a real surprise. No, no, and I don’t mean it was because someone from Georgia popped by. Rather, notice that the Irish had clicked through in abnormally large numbers – and I’ve not a clue why.

I wake up ridiculously early. So, curious, I had a peek again just after five this morning, UK time. So this is from the first few hours of today obviously:


Interesting. Anyway, in that spirit I’ve posted this “ridiculously early” too. 😉 Regardless of where you are reading this today (including you insomniacs – like me occasionally – the world over), “Hello!” 🙂


  1. Hey R.J.,
    Someone in Ireland was curious =). I love trying to analyze these numbers, but end up realizing I can’t follow the math! Some days, I keep getting likes, but the views never increase. Or, when I stop by and read your blog, which isn’t as often as I’d like because you do have quick, short posts that are entertaining, I can read them all on the main page. I don’t need to click on any one post, unless I leave a comment =).

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    • I do see that Sweden was just here! 🙂

      It is difficult to know what impact one makes. The other day (Saturday) for some reason I noticed I had MASSES of visitors. But not many “likes.” [Shrug.] I suppose if readers come in via the net and aren’t on WordPress, they can’t “like.”

      I get posts emailed to me from quite a few people. Often I read them in the email itself on my phone or iPad, but never click to the site itself. I think I’m going to have to resolve to spend more time on sites themselves, like yours. 🙂


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