“Are You Italian?”

Time Magazine tells us that a New Zealand newspaper tried its own “catcalling” experiment:

Remember that video of a woman getting catcalled more than 100 times? The one that took over the entire Internet and launched approximately 87 million think pieces, tweets and blog posts? Well, the New Zealand Herald decided to test out a similar experiment, but in Auckland instead of New York City…

You have to watch the 2 min, 22 second video:

Model Nicola Simpson is spoken to exactly twice. Once a man asks (seemingly innocuously) directions. Another, however, does try this:


Ah, Europeans.

Well, at least he wasn’t American.

Suppose that’s one way to, uh, try to start a conversation: “Are you Italian?”

If you’ve been to New Zealand, you may agree: I felt it was one of the most polite countries I’ve ever visited. Stress seems non-existent. That video was shot in Auckland, but I’d bet the same would have been the case in Wellington (I’ve not been to Auckland): I will always remember it as the calmest, most relaxed, national capital I’ve ever seen. 🙂

That’s enough now! Back to work! All of you, stop messing around on the internet! 😉