Wiltshire Wildlife

Time for a West of England wildlife photo:

Unidentified cat on picnic table in our back garden. [Photo by me, 2014.]
Unidentified cat on picnic table in our back garden. [Photo by me, 2014.]

The other day, he made me jump when I looked out over the sink through the kitchen window. I snapped this photo right afterwards. He kept looking at me.

He reappeared yesterday, scratching at our sliding glass door. Obviously he thinks this house – which we’ve now been living in for under two weeks – is part of his turf. I mean, look how bl-ody comfortable he’d made himself! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Wiltshire Wildlife

    1. After we got a closer look at him after he’d scratched at the door, we’d say he’s a young cat, not much older than a kitten. Obviously he’s had the run of the place while it was empty. Now he’s stunned to see RESIDENTS!

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      1. Do you have other cats? Or have you had them? If so, you know that people don’t pick cats, cats pick people. When I moved into my house 6 years ago, there was a feral calico stray around the neighborhood. I started feeding her and needless to say, she keeps coming back twice daily like clockwork. 🙂


        1. We don’t own cats, but we know lots of cats other people own. I am worried about being “chosen” by the cat. If he reappears a third time, I’m going to start getting nervous! 🙂

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