A Huge International Cast

Saturday morning poignant film trivia:

From the Humphrey Bogart estate's official Twitter.
From the Humphrey Bogart Estate’s official Twitter.

If you visit regularly, you well-know I’m a huge Bogart fan. Films don’t really get better than that one. Not that I’m “biased” or anything, of course.

Also, I am greatly flattered that the Bogart Estate follows me – Me! – on Twitter. His son, Stephen Bogart, occasionally tweets there. Amazing, “social media” today, isn’t it? 🙂


  1. The Maltese Falcon. You can’t get more noir than that, unless you’re French of course. But Casablanca, sure, got that in my film library. Speaking of noir, there’s Alain Delon as well, though the movie I loved him best in was Rocco and His Brothers. That was by Visconti, Italian of course 🙂

    Were Hollywood’s best moments due to its European refugees?


    • Oh, well, the Falcon. John Huston. That’s THE private eye film. 🙂

      Without immigrant talent and refugees, Hollywood of the 30s and 40s would not have been the same. Maybe not even really “have been” much at all.


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