Avoiding The Cringeworthy

Writing romance that fits properly into a tale? A relationship that comes across as genuine? One which doesn’t read as corny and silly, thus causing a reader to roll eyes? Especially where sex is involved?

Doing that is massively difficult.

Don’t believe me? Don’t you sit there guffawing. Try it. Go away and compose even a few paragraphs, come back to me and tell me you didn’t cringe in abject embarrassment at what you’d produced as a first sincere effort.

Given that reality, how in heaven’s name did someone else we’ve heard of ever seriously write, uh, uh…. Never mind. I digress. 😉

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a red heart and I love you text.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a red heart and I love you text.

Yesterday I had one of those days. The literary agonizing (type, delete, think a bit, type feverishly again, alter, delete, type more, re-read, consider throwing the PC out the window, etc.) that stems from wanting to see two important characters have an intimate relationship? Yet in the gut also not really wanting to see that happen?

Okay, friends, what are we going to do today?” Yes, and what a headache I had by mid-afternoon from staring too long at the PC screen trying to figure that out. I needed Tylenol. I flicked through the pages and found myself thinking, “Not bad. It needs more tweaking. But, God, I just don’t know about this.”

Nothing like trying to seek to escape a novelistic corner into which you’ve willingly painted yourself. Welcome to the world of the writer. I must be nuts.

Then again, of course we all know romance is often a bit corny and silly in our real lives, isn’t it?

I’m back at it again. I posted this because I needed a break…. again. No sign of a headache again, though; but give it time. Today’s still young. 🙂


  1. I can definitely relate. One minute you’re typing a million words a minute and then (because you get interrupted or stuck or bored) you go back and re-read and ask yourself, “do people really do/say/act like this?” It’s such a slippery slope of cheesy vs. boring … but when it’s right … 😀

    Awesome post! Can’t wait to read more.


    • Thanks for stopping by!

      When we get it “right,” we “know” it. Don’t we? And when we don’t…. we can sense it. We know that too.

      I always try to follow this fundamental rule (which can cover everything in writing): If I think it reads as ridiculous, I simply assume a lot of other people will think so too. 🙂


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