Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

Twitter wants to know why do you follow those you follow?:

Twitter knows whom you follow. But Twitter does not know why you follow them. So the company [is] doing something fairly straightforward—and, for a tech company with reams of data bout its users, unlikely: It’s asking. Politely.

The same question could be explored here on WordPress. So let’s.

For starters, I’d like to follow more than I do. But I don’t follow for following sake; I like to read what writers/bloggers actually write. So I have to control myself in following or I’d find myself overwhelmed with reading.

Generally, I follow those who strike me as interesting and honest and real. I usually read lots of a blog – including the “About Me” – before following. (Do you do the same?) There’s so much junk and spam out there, some judiciousness is required.

Overall, do you follow in hopes those you follow will follow you back? Or is it because you really like what he/she blogs and don’t care about a follow back? Or is it, uh…. because maybe you’ve developed, urr, an “online crush”?


On that last one there, behave yourselves. No passing notes under the desks. Yeh, you know who you are. They’ll be detention… 😉

Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

  1. Interesting question. On Twitter, I tend to follow people if they (1) follow me and (2) are interesting. I don’t need both requirements. For example, I follow Neil Gaiman because I love what he does with relief organizations, but he obviously doesn’t follow me. I do check every person on Twitter though and if they advocate things I don’t believe in (violence to women, for example), I don’t follow them.

    On WordPress my attitude is more like yours. I always check out the person first and if I enjoy what I’ve read, like their style, or find what they write about interesting or thought provoking, I usually follow. I don’t mind if someone follows me back or not. Unfortunately, with my own busy schedule, I just don’t have enough time to read everything that everyone posts. I’ve been trying to visit everyone I follow at least once a week, though.


    1. Sometimes, I’m stunned by who has followed me on Twitter as well as here on WordPress. But they stay silent and never say why. When that happens, we are just left to speculate.

      One example of a reason for a burst of Twitter followers. We were in our house here in the Catskills, outside the town of Windham, for Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. We were on our generator (we actually had the internet and TV), and I became infuriated by a CNN reporter standing in lower Manhattan and innocently remarking that the storm had been no big deal. I tweeted the CNN in-studio host to please tell her correspondents that things in Manhattan might be fine, but up here whole towns were being washed away in massive flooding. Within minutes I was followed by that anchor and another correspondent followed and DM’d me and was asking all sorts of questions. They’ve been following me ever since.

      It is nice to have “an idea” of what motivates followers to follow. I know on Twitter, currently, I am being bombarded by book and novelist related stuff that I consider “junky.” They drop off following within days usually.

      On here, I have been surprised by the quality of many of my followers and how serious they are. That compels me to try to be “different” and “inventive” (and even a bit personal) in postings.


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